How to Apply With Confidence

Apply With Confidence

Job applications can be a grind – here’s some tips on how to make the process easier!

This is Part 3 of the Jumpstart Your Career blog series, which is about everything I wished I had known when I started looking for jobs. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any useful tips!

1. Break it down

When you are submitting multiple job applications, it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of everything you have to do. I learned to break it down by entering potential job applications into a spreadsheet. Mine had columns that included company, job title,  deadline, date of application, priority rating, and application status. I also had a notes column that included any job site login info and any special aspects of the job application. You can even track time spent on applications and see if that has an impact on which applications you got an interview for! My master spreadsheet helped me to keep track of all the potential jobs I wanted to apply to, sort out which ones I needed to prioritize, and which companies I wanted to follow up with. And seeing all the completed applications helped me celebrate what I already accomplished!

2. Stay organized

If you’re applying to multiple jobs, I recommend creating a folder for each role you apply for. Inside each folder, make sure to save a copy of each job description, the resume and cover letter you submitted, and any other information you submitted. If you’re applying to a job again, make that clear in your folder titles. This can be a safety measure to ensure you don’t submit the wrong documents! It also means you’ll have everything in order if you ever get called in for an interview.

Sort each of the application folders into an “in progress” or “finished applications” folder. Separating my completed applications helped me clear out the clutter and find the documents I need to work on faster. You may also want to create an “interview” folder so that key documents are easier to find as you advance in the application process.

3. Set goals

Keep yourself accountable by setting goals for the number of applications you’re going to complete or how much time you’ll spend applying. Make sure to set achievable goals – be realistic about how many quality applications you can complete in a day! This will help you to pace yourself and stay motivated.

4. Take breaks

Job applications are tough! If you’re getting worn out, sometimes the best thing to do is to step away for a while. This might mean a 5 minute coffee break, 20 minute nap, or a whole day where you don’t work on your applications.  This will allow you to return refreshed and ready to put your best foot forward.

Do you have any other tips for managing job applications? Leave a comment below!

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